Scholarship - Alpha Epsilon - Cal Poly Chapter
Alpha Epsilon - Cal Poly Chapter


At Alpha Epsilon, academic excellence is a top priority. We place great emphasis on our sisters’ academic success and have developed a comprehensive scholarship program to assist our sisters in this goal.

We have various awards to recognize academic excellence as well as wide-ranging action plans that allow our women to constantly improve.

Our sisters can always rely on one another for academic assistance.
Currently our members are pursuing the following degrees:
  • Animal Science       
  • Biology       
  • Biomedical Engineering       
  • Business Administration       
  • Child Development       
  • City and Regional Planning       
  • Civil Engineering   
  • Communications    
  • Construction Management 
  • Dairy Science       
  • Economics       
  • English       
  • Environmental Management and Protection
  • Food Science       
  • Graphic Communications       
  • Kinesiology       
  • Liberal Studies       
  • Microbiology       
  • Modern Languages       
  • Nutrition   
  • Philosophy    
  • Psychology       
  • Recreation       
  • Social Sciences  
  • Soil Science     
  • Wine Sciences and Viticulture