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Alpha Epsilon - Cal Poly Chapter


Recruitment dates for fall 2011 have been posted here.

Congratulations to the women of AE for having the highest sorority GPA for winter quarter 2011!

Congratulations to AE's Epsilon Class 
on their initiation!

Congratulations to the women of AE for winning the President’s Community Service Award for Greek Community Contribution.
Congratulations to the women of AE 
for receiving Safe Org certification.


            Welcome to Alpha Epsilon at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.  As a sorority based on the values of sisterhood, philanthropy, friendship, scholarship, Judaism, and integrity, we are proud to be making a difference in each other’s lives and in our community.  Our close knit group of women is a testament to our unconditional sisterhood and our love for each Louis Vuitton Deutschland other.  

            As sisters, we enjoy many activities, including sisterhood events, community service, and social events with other Greek houses on campus.  Our events include trips to places such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, movie nights, craft projects, camping, and trips to the beach.  We are really excited for what the future has to offer!  

            The women of Alpha Epsilon are not only dedicated to this wonderful sisterhood, they are also making a huge impact at Cal Poly!  In addition to balancing academics, work, and social events, our members have found the time to be involved in many extracurricular activities including Women’s Leadership Council, Student Community Services, Society of Civil Engineers, and the Cal Poly music program.  It does get busy, but no matter what, every sister is there to offer support for one another.  We are held together by our belief in our values and in each other. 

            Alpha Epsilon is thrilled to be making a difference in the San Luis Obispo community as well.  We have had so much fun doing beach clean-ups in Pismo, planting trees, and volunteering at the food bank in Paso Robles, among a multitude of other activities.  In 2010, we were honored to receive the President’s Community Service Award, given to us by past Cal Poly President, Warren Baker.  Our sisters are more than happy to volunteer whenever help is needed!

            Every sister brings a unique contribution to the house.  Every member of Alpha Epsilon is intelligent, driven, and dedicated to upholding our values of sisterhood, scholarship, philanthropy, and integrity.  We support each other in being the best that we can be, and strive for excellence in our everyday lives.  I am so grateful to call these amazing women my sisters, and am so excited to serve as president of Alpha Epsilon.  This sorority has changed my life, and I cannot imagine what college would be like without my wonderful sisters.  I encourage you to look around our website to find out what Alpha Epsilon has to offer!


Ellen Mintz
President of Alpha Epsilon